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 LearningWave Alpha contains 3 sections: a topics section, a problem section, and a tools section. The topics section provides explanations, examples, and interactive practice for each topic listed.

The problem section has interactive challenges that motivate and engage the learner, while providing a compelling reason to master the mathematical skill emphasized in each problem.

The tools section contains a variety of interactive mathematical devices that can be utilized with the problems within the site and any time an outside problem requires them.


Number Line

Comparing and Ordering

Absolute Value






Skills Review

interactive problems

Danger for Deep Sea Carl
Only using absolute value can save Carl.
Mr. Slick
Become Mitra Corps newest employee by adding integers.
Mail Room Mania
Use integer subtraction to solve the mystery of the red boxes.
Quest for a Cubicle
Get your own desk at Mitra Corp by proving your ability with integers.
Math Creepies
Enter the phantom dimension where multiplication and division are your only hope.
Get into mischief and integer problems in the Land of Toast and Jelly .
Converting Fractions to Decimals

Comparing Fractions to Decimals

Rounding Decimals

Estimating Decimal Operations





Skills Review

"Who gets Ice Cream?"
For a sweet treat, use your basic knowledge of fractions and decimals.
The Sunken Nautilus
Using decimal addition and subtraction skills, help Adventurer Dela Croix solve the mystery of The Sunken Nautilus.
Secret of the Mound Builders

Use decimal multiplication and division to unearth the ancient Secret of the Mound Builders.
Midnight at the Super Big
Using all your decimal skills, assist the staff of the Super Big market.




 calculatorClick here
How to use the calculator on this site.
Find all the major parts of a circle with this device. Click here.
 simple interest
Calculate I = prt with this device.
Click here.
Practice solving equations with integers. Click here.
Practice solving equations with decimals. Click here.
 central tendency
Find the Mean, Mode and Median of up to fifteen values. Click here.
 formula finder
Use our search engine to find mathematical formulas. Click here.
Five Geometric Applications have been created for the formula finder.
Click here.

Convert from metric to metric.
Click here.
Convert from Standard to metric.
Click here.




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