700+Great Sites Sites for Parents, Teachers, Caregivers and others who care about kids.
Adventures in Education Lost in the decision-making process for education that will affect the rest of your entire life? Here is a great place to start "finding yourself." Plan your future today.
Family Internet This is a busy site that features a lot more than parenting information. There are links to television listings, celebrity pages, fashion news, health information, and even pet-care information. Kids Corner features Kids on the Web, where kids can host their own Web site, free. The Educational Launch Pad features a wealth of links to education sites organized by category, including museums, earth science, and reference for kids.
Family Seek The best for your Family.
Family.com More than 40 regional parenting publications and Disney Online have teamed up to provide national, regional and local resources to give you some of that help. Local and regional calendars point you to a number of family-related events occurring in and around your town. Feature articles give you lots of information on lots of kid-related stuff like activities, baby issues, book reviews, child development, dads' issues, parenting and travel. Once you've exhausted those resources, there are links to lots of other parenting-oriented Web sites and a special section on award-winning kids' toys, videos, books and software. Be sure to check out the Family Education site where you'll find lots of great educational resources listed by subject and age level.
National Parent Information Network The purpose of NPIN is to provide information to parents and those who work with parents and to foster the exchange of parenting materials. Materials included full text on NPIN have been reviewed for reliability and usefulness. Publications, brochures, and other materials that are merely listed on NPIN may not have been reviewed and are included for informational purposes only.
Parent Web Looking for baby names? ParenthoodWeb lists the most popular ones, with Michael and Jessica topping the list, but others, like Zachary and Kayla, also making the top 20. In the "Ask the Pros" area, you'll find information on everything from alternatives to spanking to comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy. A useful resource for parents and parents-to-be, ParenthoodWeb includes features ranging from "Abdominal strengthening during pregnancy" to "Helping your children with homework."
Parents Place ParentsPlace.com is a dynamic, friendly community of individuals -- seasoned parents, expecting parents, those trying to conceive, educators and health care providers -- that care for and love children. We also have a support network for those that suffer the loss of a child or baby. We look forward to your contributions.
Parents Soup The site provides information on a wide variety of topics, parent reviews of books and software, and a regular schedule of chats.
PEP Parents, Educators, and Publishers The PEP site is an informational resource for Parents, Educators, and children's software Publishers. The content of this site has been developed in response to the interests and needs of these three audiences. Let's all work together to empower children with technology!
Whole Family Center
The WholeFamily Center is an award winning interactive site which addresses the concerns of modern families. Featuring an on-line magazine and separate marriage, parenting and teen centers, sensitive topics like infertility, anorexia, infidelity and teen suicide are discussed. WholeFamily uses RealAudio and Drama to portray problems and solutions. Psychologists comments add authenticity to the many subjects dealt with in an honest, straight-forward way.
YouthInfo Welcome to YouthInfo, a website developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to provide you with the latest information about America's adolescents.

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