Dinosauria On-Line Dinosauria On-Line is intended to give the reader a broader exposure to dinosaur science. I've tried to bring together discussions about the topics that are hot among dinosaur enthusiasts today. This allows the reader not only to see a subject from many points of view, but allows him to see what others think about ideas and questions that the reader has wondered about but not been able to pose to knowledgeable people.
Environmental Education Network The Environmental Education Network (EEN) is a collaborative effort among educators, the EnviroLink Network and the environmental community to bring environmental education on-line and into a multimedia format. The EEN will act as the clearinghouse for all environmental education information, materials and ideas on the Internet.
Exploranet ExploraNet features the Exploratorium science center at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The Exploratorium is sure to have all of the latest hot topics in the science world, as well as classic fundamentals everyone should know. Learn about the current displays and the schedule of events, complete with pictures. You can browse through the digital library and still-image database or choose from twenty online exhibits.
How Stuff Works How Stuff Works is a great place to come to learn about how things work in the world around you. Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works, or what gears do, or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you! A new article gets added every week, so visit often and sign up for the HSW Newsletter to get the latest news.
Jason Project After discovering the wreck of the RMS Titanic, world-famous explorer Dr. Robert Ballard received thousands of letters from students around the world wanting to go with him on his next expedition. In order to bring the thrill of discovery to millions of students worldwide, Dr. Ballard founded the JASON Project, a year-round scientific expedition designed to excite and engage students in science and technology and to motivate and provide professional development for teachers. The JASON Project has been praised as the leader in distance learning programs, and continues to expand its reach by adding more "components" to the Project experience.
Nasa Spacelink
The NASA Educational Programs page allows you to quickly find information on a Specific NASA education program. Additionally, you will find up-to-date point of contact information for NASA educational services. We encourage you to check out the Announcements of Opportunity section for upcoming interactive broadcasts for your students, as well as other annual and ongoing events.
NationalZoo Home Page Visit the animals plants and people of the National Zoo. Take virtual tours of our exhibits, watch videos or movies, listen to lectures, and browse our animal photo gallery.
Nye Labs Online Welcome to NYE LABS ONLINE The Internet Home of  Bill Nye, way-cool scientist who's way-fun too, proves science rules - with fascinating facts, surprise celebrity guests, rockin' hot music videos, and fun experiments you can try at home!
Sci4Kids Helping kids use science to bridge the gap between agriculture and daily life is the aim of "Science For Kids," a new World Wide Web site from the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service. Geared to children ages 8 to 13
SciCentral K-12 An endless array of science topics for K-12 science buffs. Topics include the following subjects: astronomy, aviation, biographies, biology, careers in science, caves, cells/microbes, chemistry, computers, deserts, dinosaurs & fossils, earth sciences, endangered species, ethics, experiments, forensics, frogs & bugs, gardens & flowers, gems & minerals, science fair projects, ask a scientist, genetics, geography & cartography, girls in science, health and nutrition, history of science, human body, holography, illusions, inventions and inventions, mathematics, microscopy, news & magazines, physics, plants & trees, rainforests, robotics, time & calendars, weather and natural phenomena, weights and measures, zoos & aquariums.
The Franklin Institute Online The Franklin Institute Online never closes. Visit our Online Exhibits anytime, and stay as long as you like. Wander into any exhibit you find interesting, and follow any path. Browse the latest issue of inQuiry Almanack, our monthly online magazine for "inQuiring" minds.
The Learning Web Welcome to the Learning Web, a portion of the USGS web dedicated to K-12 education, exploration, and life-long learning. Visit often and explore things on, in, around, and about the Earth such as plants and animals, land, water, and maps. Learn how Biology, Geology, Hydrology, and Geography can help us understand our changing world.
The Smithsonian Institute The Smithsonian Institution was established in 1846 with funds bequeathed to the United States by James Smithson. The Institution is as an independent trust instrumentality of the United States holding some 140 million artifacts and specimens in its trust for "the increase and diffusion of knowledge". The Institution is also a center for research dedicated to public education, national service, and scholarship in the arts, sciences, and history.
The Why Files Science behind the news.  Every week, check out a fresh story. "In brief" gives a quick taste of a savory science discovery. "Features" are in-depth explorations of the science behind the headlines. Your FIRST visit? Take our tour!
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit This interactive program is part of the "Whole Frog" project. The program allows interactive dissection of a frog, and includes the capability to make on-the-fly movies. A browser that supports forms and sensitive images is needed. The dissection kit is available in a number of languages.
Visit The Electronic Zoo
Goodbye, Dr. Doolittle. Hello, Electronic Zoo! If the answer is not here, then you probably don't need to know it. This site is packed with links to information about animals of every shape and size imaginable. The kids would like to see some animals? Why not stop by the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, or one of the other "real" zoo pages. Have a question about a sick pet? Look up Veterinary Services or click on over to NetVet, a sister home page. Learn everything there is to learn about amphibians, birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, fish, horses, pigs, and invertebrates. Join mailing lists and newsgroups about animals. Then, get the latest news about your favorite animal by checking out one or two of the many online magazines featured here.
Windows to the Universe
Need to know the diameter of Phobos, one of the moons of Mars? (It's 17 miles.) How about the temperature of Pluto? (A very cold minus 380 degrees.) Lots of Web sites claim to have a wealth of educational materials, but few have the depth and quality of information offered by this site. A wonderful guide to space science, Windows to the Universe answers your questions about the solar system, the universe, and the scientists who have discovered these worlds. The NASA-funded site provides a number of different ways to navigate its multimedia-heavy features.

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