A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through text, documents, photographs, art and literature.
City Net
Looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Gainesville, Fla.? Or a villa for rent on the isle of Corfu, Greece? Check out CityNet, an efficient gateway to Web-based information from and about cities across the globe. You'll find it indispensable for trip planning. Select a popular country or region, find the city you're looking for, and prepare to be launched into a list of city-related Web sites. Each list is broken into interest-specific categories, such as travel, education and culture.
Flags of all Countries The most popular flag site in the world.
Mapquest The MapQuest Web site helps Web users explore millions of towns and cities worldwide. Users can display addresses on a map, view nearby businesses, get driving directions, and plan a trip with Mobil Travel's rated lodging, restaurant, and city information. The MapQuest site is consistently rated as the top Travel site on the Web, and one of the top 20 web sites overall.
National Atlas of the U.S.
The National Atlas is designed to promote greater geographic awareness through the development and delivery of products that provide easy to use, map-like views of our natural and socio-cultural landscapes. The National Atlas is being designed to serve the interests and needs of a diverse populace in many ways; as an essential reference; as a framework for information discovery; as an instrument of education; as an aid in research; and as an accurate and reliable source for scientific information. First time users take the introductory tour.
National Geographic Online The features here tell stories in new, exciting ways, drawing you into virtual journeys with the sort of visually stunning photographs you would expect from National Geographic. In "The River Wild," you'll learn about white water rafting as you travel down a river on a tour that's both educational and entertaining. Other features include a Travel Tip of the Day and What in the World!, a guess-the-picture game.
PBS Online This site includes PBS Learning Services, program schedules, links to PBS stations nationwide, and more. Be sure to see their outstanding PBS Kids! site at http://www.pbs.org/kids and their TeacherSource site at http://www.pbs.org/teachersource.
Have you ever wondered what your neighborhood looked like from space, or wished you could get an aerial shot of your favorite vacation spot? Welcome to Microsoft® TerraServer, one of the Web's most engaging sites - providing a bold demonstration of Microsoft's scalability while taking on the ambitious challenge of presenting the earth in a mosaic of photographic imagery.
Time Warners Pathfinders Home of the Web's most complete news, information and entertainment site. Great source for current events. Contains links to the following online magazines: Time, People, Money, Fortune, and Entertainment Weekly. Also featured are: Ask Dr. Weil and Parentline.
WGW For Kids Welcome To WorldGenWeb For Kids Come on in and learn about Your Family History (Warning: Genealogy is very addictive, but fun!)This site is for kids (18 and under) or classes to do genealogy/history .
World Atlas.com This world atlas includes every continent, country, dependency, island, province, state and territory on the planet!
AskEric AskEric is a personalized Internet-based service providing education information to teachers, librarians, counselors, administrators, parents, and others throughout the United States and the world. It began in 1992 as a project of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology at Syracuse University. Today, it encompasses the resources of the entire ERIC system and beyond. So when you need education information, all you have to do is AskERIC!

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