Awsome Library The Awesome Library organizes your exploration of the World Wide Web.  It contains 14,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education. Select who you are to see an Awesome Library that is designed for you.
Blue Web'n Blue Web'n is a searchable database of outstanding Internet learning sites categorized by subject area, audience, and type (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools). Blue Web'n does not attempt to catalog all educational sites, but only the most useful sites -- especially online activities targeted at learners.
Classroom Connect This is a comprehensive resource for educators with a focus on telecommunications and curriculum.
Cyberguides CyberGuides are supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of literature. They are designed for the classroom with one online computer. Each CyberGuide contains a student and teacher edition, standards, a task and a process by which it may be completed, teacher-selected web sites and a rubric, based on California Language Arts Content Standards. In the guides, the magenta text indicates the language (or context-appropriate equivalent to the language) of the content standards.
Education World Education World, the Educator's Complete Resource Guide to the Internet, offers education professionals, parents, students, and administrators a place where they can start each day to find the lesson plans and research materials they are looking for. This site is updated weekly with fresh new lesson plans and curriculum ideas, articles on issues that are of interest to educators, parents, and students, and much more.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) makes hundreds of Internet-based education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government easier to find. Search the resources or see them listed by subject, or for an overview of what's here, visit the site map. The FREE working group will be adding new resources and seeking to improve those here. Your suggestions about what should be added or developed -- or resources or features on this site that can be improved -- are invited!
K-12 World K-12WORLD is the teacher's best friend on the Internet. K-12WORLD makes using the Internet powerful, friendly and easy for the education community. K-12WORLD offers hundreds of peer-approved links to quality educational sites and resources which may be useful to K-12 educators and students. The vast resources available at this site will help maximize the time you spend on the Internet.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth. It is updated daily to keep up with the tremendous
number of new World Wide Web sites.
McREL Standards Includes standards for all content areas and articles on standards. Connections+ consists of links to Internet resources--lesson plans, activities, curriculum resources--linked with corresponding subject-area content standards.
Middle Web Welcome to MiddleWeb, a World Wide Web site exploring the challenges of middle school reform, and brimming with resources for educators and parents!
Pitsco's Ask An Expert
Welcome to Pitsco's Ask an Expert! FREE ADVICE from the Amish to Zoo Keeping. Select from 12 categories with over 300 web sites and email addresses where you can find experts to answer your questions. Ask an Expert is a directory of links to people who have volunteered their time to answer questions and webpages that provide information.
Primary Sources First-person accounts (oral histories, diaries, memoirs) Documents (maps, treaties, laws or legal arguments) Physical artifacts (which reflect the period in which they were made and used) Scientific data which has been collected but not interpreted (census data, population statistics, weather records, production/manufacturing systems data, air quality measures, animal migration patterns, etc.) Face-to-face or on-line mentors who possess specific knowledge or expertise.
Study Web "This site is exactly what it says it is -- a place for anyone doing research to find the information they need as easily as possible. The categories are sorted according to the approximate appropriate grade level which makes them valuable tools for teachers looking for lesson plan and curriculum ideas. The information for each topic also notes the presence of downloadable or printable images for use as visual aids of school reports or projects. The variety of subjects and categories should allow most users to narrow in on a topic for a report, find background material for a story, begin research for a paper or just increase their knowledge of a particular topic."
The Chalkboard This is the place to get up-to-date information on free education resources (things for class, lesson plans, materials, grants, tours, workshops, etc.) offered by corporations.
The Global Schoolhouse Linking kids, teachers and Parents around the world.
U.S. Department of Education Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) makes hundreds of Internet-based education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government easier to find. Search the resources or see them listed by subject, or for an overview of what's here, visit the site map.
Web Sites and Resources for Teachers Dr. Vicki F. Sharp and Dr. Richard M. Sharp, Professors of Elementary Education at California State University, Northridge, have collected sites and curriculum resources from the Internet for teachers to use in their classrooms. These sites, organized in nine categories, include lesson plans, instructional materials, online activities and projects, and virtual trips to museums and countries around the world.
Yooholigans Guide to Teaching with Yahooligans!
Education Index®, Welcome to the Education Index®, an annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web. They're sorted by subject and lifestage, so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily. There's also a place to find out more about us, and about all that the Education Index has to offer.
FunBrain is the home to over thirty interactive, educational games for kids across eight subject areas.

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